What’s it like in an assisted living community?

Because it’s natural to feel uncertain about a new environment — especially if you’ve never lived in an assisted living community before — I’d like to give you an insider’s view of what it’s really like.
I often hear three concerns from prospective residents. First, many are apprehensive about making new friends. Second, many think that their days might be overly regimented and scheduled. Third, downsizing from a private home to a 300-square-foot apartment can be quite a transition.
While it’s true that downsizing requires some adjustments, our residents tend to grow accustomed to the huge upsides that come with moving into an assisted living community far more quickly than they thought they would.
One pleasant surprise for many is how much they enjoy the social aspects of living among peers of the same age. Loneliness is a hardship that too often goes undiscussed, but it can absolutely erodes our quality of life…